HKD Karate Ranking

Ranking is a standardized way to encourage student's development and provide a way to gauge a student's skills by defining set expectations. In order for students to move up a rank, they must test. 


Rank Belt Color
12th Kyu White
11th Kyu Yellow
10th Kyu Yellow Stripe
9th Kyu Green
8th Kyu Green Stripe
7th Kyu Blue
6th Kyu Blue Stripe
5th Kyu Purple
4th Kyu Purple Stripe
3rd Kyu Brown
2nd Kyu Brown Stripe
1st Kyu Black

Seth Britton of Homann Karate Do in Crown Point and a member of the USBAWBA preforms a brick and board breaking routine for a talent show in Hawaii for Better Opportunity for Single Soldier's program for the United States Army. Winning 1st Place.