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Samurai Warrior Parties are for ages 7 and older. Parties are 2 hours of which 1 1/2 hour is samurai play and 30 minutes for cake, drinks, and presents.  Party includes Instruction, Referees and a Birthday Party Room decorated for you and your guests.  Book your party today, 661-0085 and ask for Brett Homann.


Party Information:

Samurai Warrior Parties are offered from May to October. If you wish to do a party in the winter months, please read our notice below for a modification of this party..


60 minutes of Weapon instruction (nunchaku or swords)

30 minutes of organized Joust Inflatable Play.

30 minutes for cake and drinks.


NOTICE our Bad Weather Alert Policy: thunderstorms, high winds, rain, or any bad weather that we cannot control due to mother nature; the 30 minutes of the joust inflatable will be cancelled.  In this case the 30 minutes will become more sword or nunchaku instruction indoors. OR the birthday person can replace the 30 minutes with dodgeball games or hockey supervised by the referees.